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BIO Box Liners 780+440 х 750 mm 35 µm (10 PCS/roll)

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The price depends on the amount of rolls:

Quantity of rolls Price, €/roll
1-25 6.75
26-125 6.34
>126 6.09

Bio liners designed for lining boxes but can also be used to cover bulky items. These gusseted liners can either be folded over a box edge or across box contents to act as a cover. 100% BIO sugar cane material

Gewicht 0.833 kg
Größe 750 × 780 × 2.8 mm
Breite in mm

Länge in mm

Faltungen in mm

Dicke in Mikrometern (µm)



Art der Verpackung

Weight of the roll

0.833 kg

Certificate: Food contact certificate, HOME composting according to EN 13432 standard up to 70 µm and certified for industrial composting up to 100 µm. Certified compostable S0455.

Degradation: 100 % compostable and degradable, not break down into microplastics. Start to degrade in contact with soil or bacteria directly. Over 90 % of the material has to be degraded before 180 days.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at room temperature to protect from moisture. Do not place products near sources of heat or cold (heaters and/or air conditioners). Avoid sudden changes in temperature (warm/cold). Lack of foreign odors. During storage and transportation of goods, measures must be taken to protect it from mechanical damage, under conditions that exclude the ingress of moisture and other liquids.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture, subject to the storage and transportation conditions

Carbon Footprint: Compostable shopping bags offer a reduced carbon footprint, which allows savings of greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change by

  1. entering the natural carbon cycle by using renewable feedstock
  2. carbon sequestration through composting

Manufacturer’s address: Polypak, s.r.o. Czech Republic

Name and address of the organization receiving the claims: Polypak, s.r.o. VAT CZ04030630 Address: Osada Dukla 253, Halls nr 3,4&5, 415 01 Újezdeček u Teplic,  Czech Republic

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