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True bio products that will degrade within 180 days. 10 certificates including food contact and OK Compost Home for materials up to 70 µm thick, while other materials must be 3 times thinner. Low printing (just mandatory labelings). We do not use individual cardboard packaging to preserve the forest.
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We use 3 types of polyethylene: clean HDPE, clean LDPE and recycled LDPE. It means that you can find a solution whatever your needs and budget. If you don’t know exactly what kind of polyethylene will best suit your product , please, contact us.
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Why choose Polypak?

2 production halls (bio&pe)

produced 40 billions of bags

production capacity 250–300 tonnes a month

e-shop or custom design

19 certificates and attestations

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Polypak produces various types of packaging using polymers that have multiple benefits over regular packaging materials. Benefit 1: Polypak bioproducts can replace disposable plastic items under the Directive (EU) 2019/90 Our bioproducts qualify as biodegradable as stated in the Directive. When disposable plastic bags have been completely banned, Polypak bioproducts will make a good replacement. […]

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We are trying to keep updated on the agenda in the countries we work with. Please see below the information on bans of certain types of plastic bags in EU countries and on Polypak solutions for those countries. If you find the information in the spreadsheets to be wrong, please contact us using our webchat. […]

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Based on the report of the European Comission:  The European Parliament’s Directive foresees a ban on using and selling products made of oxo-degradable plastic in the EU. Unfortunately, Chinese manufacturers keep presenting their oxo-degradable plastic as biodegradable. “In order to limit the adverse impact of such single-use plastic products on the environment, Member States […]

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