Polyethylene production

We offer individual solutions in plastics and packaging. Using modern equipment we produce blown films, mono or coex (up to 3-layer LDPE film) and a wide range of plastic bags of various sizes and colors.

Materials used in manufacturing include LDPE, HDPE and MDPE. We produce from materials already processed at least once (regranulate) and virgin (clean, still unprocessed material) materials that meet the requirements for food contact.

Max. width in mm

Max. length in mm

Max. thickness in microns

The products we offer can be up to 1300 mm wide and up to 200 mm thickness. We produce film like tube, half tube, flat film or film with folds. We produce waste bags on roll or loose. We produce everything on machines that have (COEX 3 layer – 3 layer film), which provides better durability and protection.

PE Film

This film is usually used for packaging various types of goods, for overlapping and for the production of consumer, group and shipping packaging.

PE Bags

We offer a wide range of LD/HD polyethylene bags in various sizes and colors. Virgin or recycled, on roll/loose. Garbage bags, rubble bags etc.

PE T-shirt bags

We offer t-shirt bags with strong bottom weld and handle. Suitable for retail use and ideal for small groceries. T-shirt bags only loose and from HD.


Please note that 80% of plastic products can be replaced with Bio products. You can read more about our Bio production and offer here.

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