BIO Disposable aprons 

We offer a wide range of BIO disposable aprons in various sizes and colors. Our BIO material is compostable and biodegradable.

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POLYPAK & BIO Disposable Aprons

Our Disposable Aprons are made of the highest quality materials

Our Disposable Aprons meet strict hygiene standards

Our Disposable Aprons are made from BIO compostable material

Our Disposable Aprons are Home Compost certified

BIO Disposable Aprons

• Manufactured according to your requirements

• Practical packaging in a roll

• Possible dispenser use

•Use only raw material from European manufacturers /fabricators

•TUV HOME COMPOST certificates up to 70 my for BIO disposable aprons


•800×1250 mm, 25 my – 50 pcs/roll

•770×1170 mm, 20 my – 100 pcs /roll

•850x1500mm, 30 my – 25 pcs/roll

•800x1400mm, 30 my – 25 pcs/roll

For an offer for other parameters, colors or packaging, please contact us.

Options: Transparent, colored
Print: 1+0 – Recycling signs, one color and one side print (logo, text etc.)
Options: Disposable Aprons on roll

Disposable Aprons ON ROLL

Width: 686 – 800 mm
Length: 900 – 1500 mm
Thickness: 13-30 my

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Please note that 80% of plastic products can be replaced with Bio products. You can read more about our Bio production and offer here.

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