Bio T-shirt bags

We offer t-shirt bags with strong bottom weld and handle. Suitable for retail use and ideal for small purchases of food and other items. Bags come in various sizes and colors, 100% BIO sugar cane material.

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Saving fossil resources.

The material uses renewable biomass, which is annually emission-free.

Guaranteed lifetime of 12 months

Longer life can be achieved by storing in a cool and dry place.

Decomposition after 60 days in compost

The products decompose into biological components after about 60 days in compost.

EU certification

EU Certificate EN 13432 confirms the biodegradability and compostability of our products.


BIO material has another advantage in its strength and flexibility.
The material does not tear like paper, but it has excellent properties to pull and so even if you accidentally tear the bags in a small place, the bag does not tear.
Bags can be made in a smaller thickness, as Bio material is much stronger than polyethylene products – saving extra material and not burdening nature.

Options: Transparent, colored
Printing: 1+0 – Recycling signs, one color and one side print (logo, text etc.)
Production possibilities: T-shirt bags only loose, thickness 10-50 my, length up to 700 mm


Width: 250 – 550 mm
Length: 300 – 700 mm
Thickness: 10 – 50 my

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Please note that 80% of plastic products can be replaced with Bio products. You can read more about our Bio production and offer here.

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