Bio film, bags, disponsable aprons and gloves

Our planet is suffering from plastic pollution and this issue is becoming a major ecological crisis. Most plastic packaging can and must be replaced by biodegradable alternatives. Our main goal is to increase the percentage of biodegradable plastic production by up to 100% in our production. We are ready to offer you high quality products.

Together we are heading in the right direction.

At Polypak, we use innovative material that is fully compostable and biodegradable. Microorganisms in the natural environment transform materials into natural substances – water, carbon dioxide, biomass. The process depends on temperature and location. 


BIO material has another advantage in its strength and flexibility. The material does not tear like paper, but it has excellent properties to pull and so even if you accidentally tear the bags in a small place, the bag does not tear. Bags can be made in a smaller thickness, as Bio material is much stronger than polyethylene products – saving extra material and not burdening nature.

We offer environmentally friendly garbage bags, t-shirt bags, film,  disponsable aprons and gloves. The material is made of sugar cane with admixture of calcium carbonate, is certified according to European standards and easily decomposes in compost and nature.

Our bio material is home compost certified up to a thickness of 70 my.

BIO Film

This film is usually used for packaging various types of goods for overlapping and for the production of consumer, group and shipping packaging.

BIO Bags

We produce a wide range of BIO bags in various sizes and colors. Bags rolled or loose. The material is 100% compostable and degradable.

BIO T-shirt bags

We produce a wide range of BIO  T – shirts bags – only loose in various sizes and colors. The material is 100% compostable and degradable.

BIO Disponsable Aprons

We produce a wide range of BIO  disponsable aprons – roll or loose in various sizes and colors. The material is 100% compostable and degradable.

Max. width in mm

Max. length in mm

Max. thickness in microns

Bio benefits


Solid and strong material even at lower thickness


No smell compared to corn-based alternatives


Better durability, reusable - compared to paper


Multifunctional (from transport of goods to disposal of compostable waste)



High renewable non-fossil content


Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions


Less energy consumption


Minimizes waste contamination due to the biodegradability of the material

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