PE Folien

Diese Folie wird üblicherweise zum Verpacken verschiedener Warentypen, zum Überlappen und zur Herstellung von Konsum-, Sammel- und Versandverpackungen verwendet.

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The different types of LDPE film differ from each other by mechanical and physical properties, such as slipperiness, shrinkage, strength, UV resistance, resulting from the use of various raw materials in production. The films are environmentally friendly, inert to the environment and contain no toxic substances. Films are made of polyethylene, which is recyclable. Furthermore, it is possible to thermally dispose of the foils – CO2 and H2O are produced during perfect combustion and no toxic substances are produced.

Options:Transparent, colored
Print1+0 – Recycling signs, one color and one side print (logo, text etc.)
Options: Tube, half tube, flat film, film with folds


Width: 100 – 1300 mm
Thickness: 20 – 200 my

Half tube

Width: 100 – 1300 mm
Thickness: 20 – 200 my

Flat film

Width: 100 – 1300 mm
Thickness: 20 – 200 my

Film with folds

Width: 100 – 1650 mm
Thickness: 20 – 200 my

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